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 Harvest Eating spices: How-to videos
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Through the years my customers have asked many times how to use Harvest Eating spices. I must sheepishly admit that I thought cooking with spices was self-explanatory. Maybe it is for me as I've been a chef for decades and my specialty is product formulation and recipe development. In fact, I have worked with Fortune 500  companies creating recipes for them as a chef/consultant. But after getting the same questions again and again I have finally listened and started building a valuable video library to demonstrate creative and delicious ways to cook with Harvest Eating spices.  And I'm practically giving it way...just $3.99 becasue I want you to benefit from the information covered in the videos. I have 9 videos already shot and in the process of editing.
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  ABOUT Chef Keith Snow:
Catapulted upwards from his job as a substitute dishwasher at age fourteen, Chef Keith Snow rose through the ranks to become Executive Chef at one of Colorado’s premier ski resorts, where he managed a staff of hundreds. 

A mover and shaker in the slow food and locavore movements, and a featured chef and speaker on cruise ships and festivals from Disney’s Epcot, to the New York Botanical Garden, to Dijon, France, he’s worn every kind of hat there is in the world of fine dining, and has starred in everything from cruise ship kitchens to his own Harvest Eating TV show. 

Chef Snow is the host of a popular podcast and author of the best selling Harvest Eating Cookbook.His organic spice products have thousands of loyal customers and new products are being offered and testing continues in an effort to build the brand.
  A Few Of The Spices Featured In The videos:
Montana Steak
If you love steak, this seasoning blend is for you. Loaded with whole seeds, cracked pepper, chilis, herbs and spices and even organic dried orange peel. Our steak seasoning has a cult following and a very high re-order rate.
Grilled Chicken
Contains pure, fresh organic herbs, which are grown on contract, then blended together perfectly to make your chicken shine! The next time you're grilling chicken make sure you use this seasoning.
This spice rub is used at Chef’s Snow's home all year long. You
Northern Italian
This Italian seasoning is amazing for all types of soups, salad dressings,  pasta sauces, plates of pasta, chicken, casseroles, etc. This is one VERSATILE seasoning blend. Chef Snow uses this every day in many ways and highly recommends this seasoning blend.
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